November Recipient: Julie Hean

Team Role: Receptionist

Length of Service: 8 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​The awesome people she works with!

Pets: Schmidt (4.5 year old cat) and Vandy (pictured here – a 6 year old Golden Retriever)

Hobbies: Horseback riding, Irish dancing

Dependable, hard-working, friendly and helpful are just a few of the many ways to describe Julie in her receptionist role. She also has the fantastic ability to maintain a calm composure even in the middle of chaos!
Originally from Charlotte, Julie has resided in Greensboro for the past 5 years. She has previous animal experience working with two other veterinary clinics as well as a dog kennel.
Julie is a pleasure to have around, and we appreciate all of her hard work and support at Lawndale!


October Recipient
: Shaina Amar (see June 2016 Customer Service Award Winner for bio)


August Recipient: Stacy Prine

Team Role: Receptionist

Length of Service: 5 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​The coworkers and the pets

Hobbies: Exercising, deer hunting, speed skating

Congratulations to Stacy Prine, our August 2015 Staff Customer Service Award Recipient! A Lawndale team member for the past 5 years, Stacy works diligently in her receptionist role to make every patient and owner feel like part of the Lawndale family. Dependable, hardworking, compassionate, enthusiastic, and genuine are just a few of the many ways we can describe Stacy. A leader in her position, she is definitely a ‘go to’ when other employees need help or assistance. Stacy willingly takes on additional roles in the clinic such as coordinating new client letters, creating new puppy and new kitten kits, and developing our weight loss sample packs. She also plays an integral role in our Instagram and Facebook communications! When asked about her favorite part of working at Lawndale, she quickly mentioned her coworkers and all the animals. She also loves how each day brings something different into the clinic. In her spare time Stacy enjoys spending time with her godson’s dog Sugar Bear (who she claims as her own!), exercising, and deer hunting. A former competitive in-line speed skater, she can also occasionally still be found speed skating. Lawndale Veterinary Hospital is proud to have such a valuable member on our customer service team – Way to Go Stacy!


March Recipient: Ashley Blake

Team Role: Receptionist

Length of Service: 8 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​Having a positive impact on pets and their owners

Hobbies: Golfing, babysitting, playing the flute, exercising, visiting the beach

Our Customer Service Award recipient this month is Ashley Blake. Ashley came to Lawndale Veterinary Hospital in July of 2014 after leaving her role as a preschool teacher. As one of our multi-talented and valued receptionists, Ashley enjoys greeting and engaging with our clients throughout the day. With this being her first job working around animals, she finds joy in getting to see all the different types of pets that stroll through our clinic doors. One of the most rewarding aspects of her job is being able to turn someone’s day around by being kind and compassionate. Ashley is pictured with her dog Roxy, and she also has another dog (Oscar) and a hamster (Winston). In her “spare work” time, Ashley also works at Songbirds Consignments and babysits whenever she gets a chance. In her “spare fun” time, she can be found golfing, playing her flute with the Greensboro Concert Band, training for a 10K, or heading off to the beach. Amazingly, even with all her various interests and commitments, Ashley still finds the time to show each person and pet that they matter as individuals. Lawndale is thrilled to have such a committed and enthusiastic team member in Ashley – way to go Ashley!


January Recipient: Stephanie Roane

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Length of Service: 35 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​Loving on the animals

Hobbies: Science fiction, volunteering at the Greensboro Science Center

Our Customer Service Award recipient this month is Stephanie Roane. Stephanie has been with Lawndale Veterinary Hospital an impressive 35 years, serving our hospital faithfully as a Kennel Attendant. Stephanie says her favorite part about working at Lawndale is the opportunity to love on and work with the animals. Additionally, as a reptile lover (her current pets include a Central American Boa, a Ball Python, an Albino Rat Snake, and a Bearded Dragon), Stephanie always enjoys when Dr. Crawford has a reptile patient. Stephanie’s commitment to caring for animals has also been exemplified in her role as a former zoo keeper at the Greensboro Science Center, where she still currently serves as a volunteer. In her spare time she was previously an avid Fox Hunter, and more recently she says she enjoys anything Science Fiction – including participating in her Star Fleet Club the “USS Charon”. Stephanie has given her time not only to caring for animals, but also caring for people (she is a former volunteer fire fighter and EMT, as well as a former Red Cross worker). Stephanie is also a Breast Cancer survivor! Lawndale Veterinary Hospital is honored to have such a devoted and caring staff member on our team – way to go Stephanie!