December Recipient: Carmen Bowes

Team Role: Technical Staff

Length of Service: 6 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: The family atmosphere and great balance of team strengths.

Pets: Max (Great Dane), Lula Belle and Lola (Great Dane mixes), and 2 cats, Rosie and Wego

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, refinishing furniture, and spending time her her husband

Our Customer Service Award this month goes to Carmen Bowes. Carmen became part of the Lawndale team on June 1, 2016. She has always had an interest in working with animals, and she has a wide variety of experiences to prove it. Carmen attended college at Appalachian State where she studied Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Environmental Studies. During college she worked in a veterinary clinic, and she decided to become a marine mammal trainer. She worked at Sea World for 5 years (yes – with the dolphins!), as an Aviculturist and Aquarist with the North Carolina Aquarium, and most recently she worked with penguins and otters at the Greensboro Science Center. Carmen always felt she would become a veterinary technician after she ‘retired’ from marine mammal training. So taking a job with Lawndale was a natural next step for her. She is also currently working through the Veterinary Technician program with Penn Foster.

Carmen’s positive attitude and outgoing personality are contagious! She loves the family atmosphere at Lawndale. She also appreciates how the team balances each other through individually unique talents and strengths. Carmen enjoys animal behavior, which easily shows whenever she is working with a pet. She has great intuition, and she does her best to give each patient a positive experience while in the clinic. Congratulations Carmen – you are a fantastic addition to the Lawndale team!

November Recipient: Alice Scarlette

Team Role: Office Manager

Length of Service: 13 Years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: The great staff and seeing patients feel better.

Hobbies: Family, reading, favorite shows

Lawndale Veterinary Hospital is proud to recognize Alice Scarlette this month as our November Customer Service Award Winner. Alice began her career with Lawndale as a receptionist in 2003. Alice was promoted to her role as Office Manager in 2007 when Dr. Crawford and Dr. Waterman became the owners of Lawndale. The list of reasons why we depend on and love Alice is extensive! She does an incredible job overseeing and motivating our front office team, and she works hard to help our entire staff exceed customer service expectations. Over the last several years, she has also enjoyed helping to develop our social media interactions with pet owners. Alice has a kind heart and will always go out of her way to help in whatever way is needed. When asked what she loves about coming to work, Alice said she appreciates how close she is with her reception team and she thinks all the doctors do an amazing job. She also really loves the success stories – when we help the patients feel better and happy again!

Alice was born and raised in Greensboro. Her pets include a Bichon named Charlie and two cats, Dennis and Chuck. She treasures the time she gets to spend with her daughter Lil, her husband Ed, her twin sister, and her niece. She also enjoys reading and watching some of her favorite TV shows. Congratulations Alice – Lawndale is so thankful for you!

October Recipient: Tanisha Shuford

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Length of Service: 6 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: Working with the dogs

Hobbies: Drawing, time with friends, exercise

Congratulations to Tanisha, Lawndale Veterinary Hospital’s October Customer Service Award Winner! Since coming to Lawndale in April of this year, Tanisha has exhibited a positive and friendly attitude coupled with a strong work ethic and a true passion to care for the animals. It is uplifting to see the kindness and compassion that Tanisha extends to our patients, and you can tell the animals appreciate it too! While she loves working with the animals (especially the dogs), she also appreciates how well the kennel team gets along. She says it’s great to come to work and be comfortable and have fun with her coworkers while also getting their jobs done.

Tanisha was born in Albany, New York and then grew up in North Carolina in the Charlotte area. Tanisha has a very special place in her heart for her 2 year old guinea pig, Brownie (pictured). Tanisha has a goal to work in a laboratory facility as a laboratory animal scientist. During off hours, Tanisha enjoys drawing (especially tigers), exercising, hanging out with friends, and dining out (her favorite place is Five Guys!). Congratulations Tanisha for a job well done!

September Recipient: Jenny Allred

Team Role: Technical Team Leader

Length of Service: 14 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​The family atmosphere

Hobbies: Crafts, gardening, running

This month Lawndale Veterinary Hospital is excited to recognize Jenny as our Customer Service Award Winner. An employee with Lawndale for 14 years, Jenny has always been a devoted, self-motivated, dependable, incredibly hard working, and caring team player. Jenny is also our Technical Team Leader. In this role she oversees our entire technical team and helps to keep everyone (including the doctors!) on track. Jenny says it feels like a family atmosphere when she comes to work, and she is proud of the excellent customer service and pet care that Lawndale provides. Jenny also appreciates that even after 14 years, she is still learning and finding new challenges to tackle. She also finds tremendous satisfaction in the long-term client and patient relationships she has developed. For many of our patients, Jenny says they just seem like her extended pet family.

During off hours, you will readily find Jenny doing something creative. From being a recycling diva to crafting, gardening, homemaking, and pet grooming, her artistic skills shine. She is even customizing a pond in her yard to be as welcoming as possible to resident frogs. Jenny runs regularly and has participated in many races over the past 6 years. Jenny loves spending time with her family and her two Bassett Hounds (Fergie and Fiona). She just recently lost her 13 year-old Silver Dollar Fish. Lawndale is truly quite proud to honor Jenny this month – Congratulations Jenny!

August Recipient: Jessica Minor

Team Role: Receptionist

Length of Service: Almost 6 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: Interacting with the pets and owners

Hobbies: Music, local concerts, being outdoors

Jessica became part of the Lawndale team as a receptionist in 2009. After a brief leave between 2014 and 2015, she returned to Lawndale in November 2015. A Summerfield native, Jessica makes everyone feel right at home whenever they walk through the clinic doors. Her warm smile and patient demeanor are steadfast throughout the day. She consistently exhibits genuine care and concern for all the patients and their owners. Jessica says she loves getting to interact with the pets, especially since she does not have a pet at the moment. She also looks forward to meeting and greeting our pet owners on a daily basis.

​In her spare time, Jessica manages to maintain a second career as a hairdresser! She can also be found listening to local bands, spending time outdoors, and loving on any German Shepherd that she meets (that’s her favorite breed!). Way to go Jessica – you are an awesome team member!

July Recipient: Dan Baucino

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Length of Service: 3 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​Working with all the animals

Pets: Remi (3 month old Chocolate Lab – pictured) and Sophie (6 year old Chow/Shepherd Mix)

Hobbies: Working out, spending time with friends, traveling, volunteering.

Dan has been working as a kennel attendant with Lawndale Veterinary Hospital off and on over the past 3 years. Dan is truly a pleasure to have around the clinic. Always smiling and happy to help in whatever way is needed, Dan has such a calm and patient demeanor with all the pets. Dan says he feels a family-like atmosphere working at Lawndale and enjoys being around his team members. In addition to enjoying the patient interactions, Dan also has a heart for serving our pet owners and making them feel as comfortable and welcome as possible in our clinic.

Currently a student at Elon, Dan will be finishing his degree in Elementary Education in December. Dan has a passion for volunteering, especially with kids. He also loves to travel abroad. He says he grew tremendously as a person and educator when he traveled with a group from Elon to India where they taught 2000 students. He is looking forward to more volunteering with groups such as Habitat for Humanity. Lawndale is so proud to have an employee like Dan helping to care for our patients – congratulations Dan!

June Recipient: Shaina Amar

Team Role: Veterinary Assistant

Length of Service: 4 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​The helpfulness of her team members

Pets: Sora (parakeet) and her 4 cats (Binx, Landi, Lucy, and Baby Kitty (pictured)

Hobbies: Basketball, disc golf, hiking, movies, reading, eating frozen yogurt

Shaina originally came to Lawndale as our Kennel Manager where she quickly proved herself to be helpful, eager to learn, and gentle with the animals. Since becoming a Veterinary Assistant in 2013, she has continued to grow and establish herself as an incredibly valuable team member. Shaina also does a great job overseeing our Pinterest posts (be sure to check them out!).

Working with animals is a true passion for Shaina, and she especially enjoys interacting with the older patients. Even outside of the clinic, she can still be found loving on animals with her pet sitting services. Lawndale is truly proud to have Shaina on our team – Congratulations Shaina!

May 2016 Customer Service Award Winner

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, we chose to recognize our entire Reception Team as May’s Customer Service Award Winner. These amazing ladies work hard to provide our pet owners with exceptional customer service on a daily basis. During our staff meeting we asked the rest of the hospital team to comment on their reception peers. Here are just a few of the many compliments:

  • “I love the friendly smiles and positive attitudes even when things are super busy!”
  • “Our receptionists juggle many tasks at once and always wear a smile! They are pretty cute, too!”
  • “Great multi-taskers, communicators, efficient and friendly.”
  • “They are always extremely happy and helpful. They do a great job at communicating our client’s needs so that we can ensure customer satisfaction.”
  • “Good phone skills. They are the BEST!”

Ashley, Alice, Diamond, Stacy, Jessica and Julie – Congratulations and thanks for doing such an awesome job in customer service!

April Recipient: Morgan Lewis

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Length of Service: 8 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​Meeting all the pets and getting to know their personalities

Pets: 3 Ball pythons (Felix, Anat (pictured), and Noodle), Morty (Leopard gecko), and 2 cats (Teddy and Nadia)

Hobbies: Painting and Art projects

Morgan moved from Topeka, Kansas to Greensboro 2 years ago with her husband Zachary. Last year, Morgan came through our clinic as a student who needed some veterinary shadowing experience. Morgan is currently majoring in Biochemistry at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro with a pre-veterinary focus. Morgan plans to pursue a career as a veterinarian, and she says her experiences shadowing at Lawndale were interesting, educational, and inspiring. Through our interactions with Morgan during her shadowing time, we realized she would be a great fit for our team!

Since joining Lawndale as a kennel attendant, Morgan’s performance has been exemplary. Her calm, patient and gentle demeanor comes across in all of her responsibilities. Always willing to help no matter what the task, Morgan naturally gives each patient the kind of love and care she would give her own pets. Lawndale is proud to have such a caring and dependable team member – Congratulations Morgan!

March Recipient: Angie Hodges

Team Role: Veterinary Assistant

Length of Service: 7.5 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​The doctors practice high quality medicine and stay on top of current medical knowledge

Pets: Rex (5 year old German Shepherd), Stella (6 year old corn snake), Bear (4 year old Poodle Mix), Tiger (16 year old cat), Rickybobby (9 year old cat), Several chickens and a Miniature Donkey!

Hobbies: Visiting the beach; Swimming at the lake; Gardening

Angie is an incredibly dependable, skilled, and hard-working team member. Always anticipating the needs of others, she is quick on her feet and a regular “go-to” girl! Angie thinks she works with a great group of people and values the camaraderie of the team.

A North Carolina native, Angie is currently attending Nursing School while also working full time for Lawndale. Her compassionate nature and caring heart come through in all her work in the clinic. Angie is also a very proud mom of two boys! Colton, 20 years old, has a degree in Forestry and is currently attending Greensboro Fire Academy. Corbin, her 7th grader, does great in his school and sporting activities. Way to go Angie, we love having you on the Lawndale team!

January Recipient: August Wyrick

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Length of Service: 1.5 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: ​Having fun while working hard with her team members

Pets: 2 cats (Paris and Bobo) and 1 dog (Bear)

Hobbies: Photography (focusing on animals and nature), reading, drawing

August loves being around animals, and it shows through her kind, compassionate nature with all of our patients. Getting to know the “regulars” and watching them grow up is one of her favorite parts of working as a kennel attendant. We can always count on August to help in whatever way is needed while also putting the needs of the patients first!

A Greensboro native, August is currently balancing a full-time job with taking courses in Zoo and Aquarium science. She hopes to one day pursue a career as a zoo veterinary technician.

We think August is a tremendous asset to our team – way to go August!