Carlie Moore

May 2023 Customer Service Award Winner

May Recipient: Carlie Moore

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Team Member Since: September 2022

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: “interacting with animals every day and having an amazing staff to lean on! “

 Pets: 2 dogs ( Harlie and Axel), 2 crested geckos (Tarzan and Luna) and a fish ( bubbles)

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field / Working With Animals: Since September 2022

What Her Teammates Say: Carlie always has a smile on her face and is stays positive.  She has a love for the pets and pays special attention to make sure they are comfortable and well cared for when they are in our care.  Carlie is dependable and a hard worker and is always ready to step in to help when needed. We are so lucky to have Carlie as part of our team!

Hobbies: Going on walks with my dogs, and spending time with family.

Congratulations Carlie!

April 2023 Customer Service Award Winner

April Recipient: Robert Holt

Team Role: Client Service Representative

Team Member Since: June 2021

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: “My favorite thing about Lawndale is the general atmosphere- Overall, everyone is very understanding and patient.  Its refreshing to work with a staff where everyone is respective to their own position in the hospital and is understanding of everyone else’s personal experience relative to the field.”

 Pets: Oogway (Tortoise), Scooter (cat), Homeboy (cat) , Hannibal (cat) , Nonie (mix breed dog)

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field / Working With Animals: 5 years

What His Teammates Say: Robert is wonderful with clients, he is very personable and knowledgeable.  He is always willing and ready to help his fellow team member and clients. He comes in ready to work and has a positive outlook and is a joy to work with.

Hobbies: Hiking, sketching, kayaking, reading, nerd stuff: DnD, MtG, Anime.

Congratulations Robert!

March 2023 Customer Service Award Winner

March Recipient: Janet Giardullo

Team Role: Veterinary Assistant and Inventory Specialist

Team Member Since: June 2018

Favorite Thing About Lawndale:My favorite thing is making a difference in the life of an animal, educating owners on the health of their pet, and educating team members about mental health awareness.

 Pets: Raymond (K9), Abby-Normal(K9), Daichi (cat), Sidney (cat)

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field / Working With Animals: 14.5 years

What Her Teammates Say: Janet is incredibly organized and keeps our lab stocked and running smoothly. She does a great job at keeping our hospital stocked with the medicine and food that we need to treat our patients.  Janet has great compassion for pets and their owners and has a true desire to help others.  She is a big proponent of spreading awareness about the importance of taking care of your mental health and that it is OK to not be OK and to ask for help.  We are grateful to Janet for bringing awareness of this important issue to our team.

If you or someone you know needs help you can dial 988 to reach the suicide and crisis lifeline.

Hobbies: Refurbishing furniture, Cooking with Howard, Music events. And SLEEP.

Congratulations Janet!


February 2023 Customer Service Award Winner

February Recipient: Jillian Varner

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Team Member Since: April 2022

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: “I absolutely adore the people/my coworkers and the opportunity this job allows you to grow your skill set and constantly learn something new.

 Pets: 3  working Border Collies – Yogi, Clark and Saul

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field / Working With Animals:  One year in the veterinary field but 5 years working and training animals.

What Her Teammates Say: Jillian is a joy to work with. She has a positive attitude and is always ready to help.  She has great energy around animals and helps keep our patients and boarders calm and at ease.  She is reliable and an incredibly hard worker and always makes sure to get the job done!

Hobbies: I’m usually spending most of my time training or competing with my dogs in canine disc or sheep herding. I also love to travel, do a little bit of photography and spend time with my friends. I’ve recently gotten into a fitness journey and have really been enjoying focusing improving myself both physically and mentally.

Congratulations Jillian!


January 2023 Customer Service Award Winner

January Recipient: Rachel Patat

Team Role: Veterinary Assistant

Team Member Since: May 2022

Favorite Thing About Lawndale:” This team welcomed me with open arms at such an important time in my life and I am so proud to be a part of the Lawndale family. They demonstrate daily how much they care for each staff member and our overall growth and success as we all work together to provide the best care and medicine. My gratitude and respect for these doctors, all support staff and the management team are more than I can say. I love that I am building relationships not only with my awesome teammates but also the amazing clients who love their furbabies so much! I am incredibly fortunate to be able to help care for them and I love meeting all our patients!! It is truly rewarding to be here at Lawndale!

 Pets: I am a proud momma of: Pascal (aka PaskyP!) my 4 yr old Tuxedo with a perfect pink nose, and Tuukka (aka TuukkaBear!) my adorably handsome 1.5 yr old fawn Boston terrier also with a pink spotted cow nose!!!

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field / Working With Animals: 19 years

What Her Teammates Say: Rachel is such an important part of our team.  She is focused and efficient in her work, paying close attention to detail and always putting her patient care first.  She is a team player and keeps a positive attitude towards everyone and is an extremely skilled veterinary assistant.  She has great communication skills with her clients and co-workers and has a great understanding on how to make her patients feel safe while in her care. We are so lucky to have Rachel as part of our team!

Hobbies: I love adventuring in our camper and traveling to Disney with my husband and TuukkaBear as often as we can! I also love running and enjoy the local Greenway and trails, or wherever our adventure takes us!

Congratulations Rachel!