Author: Dr. Clarissa Noureddine, DVM, MS, MS

Did you know that June is the ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month? In celebration of this, our blog focuses this week on some of the many reasons that cats make AMAZING PETS. Are you considering adopting a new cat? There are so many fantastic cats out there in shelters, rescue groups, and foster situations just waiting for a “furr-ever” home. Cats are unique, full of personality, and can provide a seemingly endless supply of fun for you and your family. Perhaps you can relate to some of the reasons below for why cats are AMAZING?

  • Alarm clocks are out of style when you have a cat. Who needs a loud buzzer when your cat just climbs on your head?
  • Mealtime will never be forgotten (trust us, they will NOT let you forget!)
  • Always ready for a snuggle! Well…as long as it’s on their terms.
  • Zany might be their middle names. Cats can be very entertaining, and there is never a dull moment when they are on the move. They have a fun tendency to make you smile and laugh (a lot!).
  • Incredibly expressive. Sleeping cats soothe you with their peacefulness. Content cats have purrs that can quiet someone’s worries. Angry cats are very clearly that – angry! Adorable, playful, curious, excited, hungry, scared, irritated – these are all expressions and sentiments you can pick up in your feline friend. Of course, many cats can also be described as unpredictable!
  • No walks required. In fact, indoor-only cats can live safer lives inside. If you don’t mind the walks though, some cats can be trained to walk on a leash!
  • Guaranteed redecorating. Rest assured that any small item or trinket you put out will surely be moved to a new location sooner or later.
  • Personalities abound in the cat world. This means there is a cat personality out there for everyone!
  • Engaging: Cats may give off the signal that they are better than dogs (and humans), but they actually love to engage with their owners through playtime and affection. The more “environmentally enriched” your cat’s surroundings are, the more engaged you will see them!
  • True Companions. Cats can soothe you, help lower blood pressure, stir positive feelings and emotions, and provide lots of love. They make excellent companions throughout their lives.
  • Seriously acrobatic! Cats have some pretty awesome moves and abilities around the house. Just set some toys out and watch them go!

Maybe it’s time you considered adopting a new kitty? Visit your local shelter or rescue group to find the best feline fit for your family!