Lawndale Veterinary Hospital continually strives to build connections with our community. We believe we all have the ability to impact others (people and animals) in a positive and uplifting way through actions and service. It is Lawndale’s hope that our time, our service, and our commitment to our community will facilitate a trust and understanding that will ultimately benefit the wellness of our pets (and their owners!).

Here are some of the ways Lawndale has served / is serving our Greensboro community:

Clinic ‘Paws and Learn’ Educational Events:

  • Puppy Care Fairs (April 25, 2015, March 15, 2016, March 14, 2017)
  • ​Paws and Learn: Pet Food and Nutrition (September 15, 2015)

Clinic Outreach Events:

  • Rabies vaccine clinic ($10 rabies vaccines in support of World Rabies Day) (each September)

Rescue Group Support:

  • Dr. Waterman and Dr. Burnett volunteer their time each month to spay and neuter feral cats for the Non-Profit Feral Cat Assistance Program (FCAP).
  • Lawndale regularly helps to provide veterinary care for Greyhound Friends of North Carolina. Dr. Crawford and Dr. Noureddine also participated in their Howloween Drop-In (October 18, 2015). Dr. Noureddine also spoke at their spring Open House on April 16, 2016.

Teaching Students:

  • Our clinic has a regular influx of area high school and college students who come to shadow our doctors, work on Senior Projects, and learn more about the veterinary field
  • Our doctors enjoy attending area Career Fairs / Career Days
  • Our doctors periodically speak in school classrooms and camp programs
  • Dr. Noureddine volunteers with the Guilford County Pet Responsibility Program

Clinic Donations to Support our Community Organizations and Events: