January 2019 Customer Service Award Winner

January Recipient: Jordan Blackwell

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Team Member Since: August 2018

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: “The discount! Puppies, puppies, and more puppies!”

Pets: Peaches (1 year old female English Mastiff); Niall (1.5 year old male cat)

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field: 5 months

What His Teammates Say: Jordan has been a fantastic addition to the Lawndale Veterinary Hospital team. He exemplifies kindness and compassion, and he is always willing to chip in and help when needed. He absolutely loves spending time with the animals! Jordan is a pleasure to be around – he is a hard worker, he never complains, and he is great with animals (and great at carrying the heavier dogs!). Lawndale Veterinary Hospital is thrilled to have Jordan as part of our kennel attendant team!

Hobbies: Making bracelets, playing with puppies, and spending time with his girlfriend!

Congratulations Jordan!