January 2020 Customer Service Award Winner

January Recipient: Bobbi Bell

Team Role: Technical Team Member

Team Member Since: June 2018

Favorite Thing About Lawndale:  “My co-workers”

Pets: Luna and Zuri, her two cats

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field / Working With Animals: June 2018 in the vet field but has worked at the Greensboro Science Center and Zoo Atlanta before transitioning to the vet field.

What Her Teammates Say: Bobbi thinks ahead and can anticipate the needs of the doctor she is working with.  She is a team player, very detailed oriented, and organized.  She is a star at running Lawndale’s instagram account (follow along @lawndale_vet) and has razor sharp wit.

Hobbies: Eating Chickfila, going out downtown, reading, collecting teeth, sarcastic comments

Congratulations Bobbi!