February 2021 Customer Service Award Winner

February Recipient: Reese Funke

Team Role: Kennel Assistant

Team Member Since: August 31, 2020

Favorite Thing About Lawndale:  “The animals.

Pets: 2 cats, Yoru and Loki and a bearded dragon, Crouton

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field / Working With Animals:  Only 6 months in the veterinary field but 2 years in animal shelters and 3 years in boarding/pet daycare.

What His Teammates Say: Reese has been such a wonderful addition to our team.  He is always ready to help anyone that needs help from the front staff to the doctors and veterinary assistants to other kennel assistants.  He is a true team player.  Reese always puts work first and has an impressive work ethic and is always the first to answer a page or request for help.  He is proactive and thinks ahead and is a problem solver.  We feel fortunate to have him as a member of our team.

Hobbies: Art, nature walks, bone/antler shed hunting.

Congratulations Reese!

January 2021 Customer Service Award Winner

January Recipient: Nicolas Bursche

Team Role: Veterinary Assistant

Team Member Since: Consistently since June 2020 but worked summers with us in 2016 and 2017

Favorite Thing About Lawndale:  “The incredible sense of acceptance and cooperation amongst the staff.

Pets: Lilly, Golden Retreiver

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field / Working With Animals:  210 days, 1000+ hours, nearly 2000 hours counting hours from previous summers.

What His Teammates Say: Nick is great to work with.  He is punctual, dependable, easy-going, and positive.  Nick is also extremely versatile and willing to step in to help in any situation or any role in the hospital, even helping our reception team answer phone calls.  He is the true definition of a “team player”.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, playing with my dog, video games, and recently miniature building/painting.

Congratulations Nicolas!