December Recipient: Jamina Jeffries

Team Role: Receptionist

Length of Service: 5 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: Meeting and greeting pet owners, their pets, and working with the staff

Pets: 3 cats (Ginger, Geno, Lola) and 1 dog (Mia)

Hobbies: Spending time with family, friends, and her pets

Jamina Jeffries is our Customer Service Award winner for December 2017. Jamina started working at Lawndale in June of this year as one of our receptionists. Her kind heart, gentle demeanor, and enthusiastic approach to each day have made her a great fit with our Lawndale team. Jamina describes herself as a people person, which means she really enjoys her interactions with our pet owners. She has also found the staff to be a great group to work with, and she loves getting to see the pets each day. Jamina is always quick to step in and help whenever anyone needs a hand. Her entertaining personality and tendency to break out into singing make her a lot of fun to work with too!

Jamina is originally from Kernersville. She loves spending time with her family, friends, and her four pets. She has 3 domestic shorthair cats (Ginger, Geno, and Lola), and a pit bull named Mia (who loves to give kisses!). She also enjoys opportunities to be creative and artistic in her spare time. Lawndale Veterinary Hospital is pleased to honor Jamina with this month’s Customer Service Award because she so easily demonstrates excellent customer service skills, and she helps our pet owners know they are part of our big Lawndale Veterinary Hospital family!

November Recipient: Alfonzo Rodriguez

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Length of Service: 3 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: Interacting with the dogs, and the awesome staff!

Pets: Starfire

Hobbies: Music, films, fitness

We would like to introduce you to one of our newest Lawndale Veterinary Hospital team additions, and our Customer Service Award winner for the month of November. Alfonzo Rodriguez is originally from New York, and he moved to Winston Salem about 10 years ago. Recently, he moved to Greensboro, and when he came across a posting for the kennel attendant position at Lawndale Veterinary Hospital, he decided to jump at the opportunity to work with the animals. Alfonzo has always loved animals. In fact, his favorite thing about being with Lawndale is that he gets to see dogs every single day! He also feels the staff has been really welcoming and awesome to work with. Alfonzo is patient, considerate, a quick learner, and definitely a team player.

Alfonzo says that in his brief time with Lawndale so far, he has learned a lot about the animals and caring for them. He is also enjoying getting to know some of our more regular patients and boarders. Whenever there is a spare moment, he uses the time to interact with the patients and give them a positive experience. He has one cat, a 2 year old female named Starfire (pictured). Alfonzo enjoys listening to music, watching films, and exercising in his free time. One day, he hopes to go to school to direct films. Congratulations Alfonzo – your kindness, helpfulness, and compassion make us proud to have you as our Customer Service Award winner this month!

October Recipient: Chelsea Kallam

Team Role: Veterinary Assistant

Length of Service: 1 year

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: The doctors, staff, and learning!

Pets: Hank & Willie

Hobbies: Crafting and sewing

Lawndale Veterinary Hospital would like to recognize Chelsea Kallam this month for her excellent customer service skills! Always eager to jump in and help, Chelsea is a hard worker who will go out of her way to take care of things. She loves to learn, and she shows up at work each day ready to encourage and inspire.

Chelsea has lived in Greensboro her entire life. She had heard great things about Lawndale Veterinary Hospital, so when a position opened up about a year ago, she jumped at the chance. She says she especially enjoys her teammates and working with all the doctors. Her hobbies include sewing and crafting with vinyl whenever she gets a chance. In her spare time she loves to spend time with her husband (who was also her high school sweetheart), her little boy Cash, and the rest of her family. She has two dogs, Hank and Willie. Hank is a 7-year-old German Shepherd mix, and Willie is a 6-year-old Labrador Retriever. Congratulations Chelsea – you are a fantastic addition to our team!

September Recipient: Lauren Shore

Team Role: Receptionist

Length of Service: 5 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: Everything!

Pets: Luna

Hobbies: Hiking with Luna, Riding bikes

Congratulations to Lauren Shore, our September Customer Service Award Winner! Lauren joined Lawndale Veterinary Hospital 5 months ago, and she says this is definitely her favorite job that she has held. Lauren is a people person and she loves animals, so she gets the best of both worlds working as a receptionist with Lawndale.

Lauren is a wonderful team member! She stays on top of anything that needs to be addressed, always looking for ways to help. She strives to do her best on a daily basis, and she is always finding new things to learn and ways to improve. She has integrated quite well into our team in the short time she has been with us. Lauren is originally from High Point, and other than spending a few years in Colorado, North Carolina has been her home. Her 1 year old mixed breed dog Luna means the world to her, and she enjoys hiking with Luna and riding bikes whenever she gets a chance. Lawndale Veterinary Hospital congratulates Lauren on a job well done!

August Recipient: Coty Dinsmore

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Length of Service: 3 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: The pets and coworkers

Pets: Franny, Toby, and Tennessee

Hobbies: Robotics; Spending time with family

Meet Coty Dinsmore, our Customer Service Award winner for August! Coty has a kind and warm personality that makes our pet owners and our patients feel welcome. In the short time he has been with Lawndale Veterinary Hospital, he has demonstrated his friendliness as well as his willingness to jump in and help wherever he is needed. In addition to his role as a kennel attendant, he wears many hats and helps out with a variety of tasks around the hospital. He loves his time with the animals (especially the dogs and reptiles) as well as his coworkers.

Originally from High Point, Coty spent many years in Kentucky before returning to the Greensboro area. He is an Engineering student at GTCC, and he hopes to explore work in robotics. Currently Coty has three cats: Franny, a 15 year-old domestic medium hair; Toby, a 9 year-old domestic shorthair; and Tennessee, an 8 year-old domestic shorthair. In his spare time Coty loves being with his family, building things, and delving into robotics. Congratulations, Coty! Lawndale Veterinary Hospital is happy to have you on board!

July Recipient: Megan Jones

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Length of Service: 11 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: The people!

Pets: Rocky, a 14 year-old English Cocker Spaniel and Sammy, a 10 year-old Labrador / Beagle mix

Hobbies: Lacrosse, volunteering

This month, Lawndale Veterinary Hospital would like to recognize Megan Jones for her excellent customer service and tremendous patient care skills. A life-long native of Greensboro, Megan will be starting her senior year this fall at Page High School. Megan has been a kennel attendant with our clinic since August 2016. She always arrives at work with a bright smile and willing attitude. Her warmth and genuine concern for the patients puts owners, as well as the patients, at ease. Although a “dog person” at heart, she enjoys her time with all the pets in the clinic. Megan says she also values the team at Lawndale because they make it a great place to work.

Megan has two dogs: Rocky, a 14 year old English Cocker Spaniel and Sammy, a 10-year old Labrador/Beagle mix. Megan hopes to be a veterinarian one day. In addition to working at Lawndale, she can be found volunteering at weekend spay/neuter events with the Feral Cat Assistance Program (FCAP). She also enjoys playing lacrosse and volunteering with the Triad Youth Lacrosse Association (TYLA) as well as the Wyndham golf tournament. Congratulations, Megan! Lawndale Veterinary Hospital appreciates your commitment to our pets and their owners!

June Recipient: Julie Hean

Team Role: Receptionist

Length of Service: 2 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: The awesome staff and getting to watch puppies grow up!

Pets: Vandy, a 7 year-old Golden Retriever and Schmidt, a 6 year old white Domestic Shorthair cat

Hobbies: Horseback riding, hiking and enjoying the outdoors with her dog Vandy, watching Netflix

Congratulations to Julie Hean, Lawndale Veterinary Hospital’s Customer Service Award winner for June. Originally from Charlotte, Julie moved to Greensboro in 2012. Julie completed her degree in Biology at University of North Carolina, Greensboro in 2014. Prior to joining Lawndale, Julie had experience working at a local dog kennel as well as two other veterinary clinics. Julie says one of the best things about working at Lawndale is getting to watch the puppies grow up! She thinks the staff is an awesome group (we agree!), and she also enjoys the opportunities to interact with the pets and their owners. Julie does a fantastic job making everyone feel important and welcome when they enter our clinic. Her calm, laid back demeanor helps our staff find a moment of peace in the middle of a hectic day. She always goes out of her way to make sure things are taken care of in a smooth and timely manner.

Julie says that in her spare time, she loves horseback riding. And, with such an awesome dog, she can’t help but enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors with Vandy! Lawndale is so pleased to honor Julie with this month’s Customer Service Award – way to go Julie!

May Recipient: Tammy Church

Team Role: Veterinary Assistant

Length of Service: 1 year

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: Being able to help the pets and owners, and working with a great team that is like a family

Pets: 2 cats: Gracie (8-year-old torti) and Nala (6.5-year-old orange tabby)

Hobbies: Singing; being outdoors/ hiking; traveling

Tammy Church is Lawndale Veterinary Hospital’s Customer Service Award winner for May. Originally from South Carolina, Tammy has spent most of her life in North Carolina. Tammy cannot recall a time in her life when she did not have a pet – she has always loved animals. About five years ago, while working and managing shifts for a pizza restaurant, Tammy decided it was time for a life and career change. She enrolled in the Animal Care and Management program through Alamance Community College, and she completed her coursework while also working full time at Dominos. Tammy started working at Lawndale one year ago, and she says the family atmosphere and helpfulness of the staff make Lawndale a great place to work. She also values being able to help the owners and their pets. Lawndale appreciates Tammy’s tremendous work ethic, her kind heart, and her gentle spirit. Whether it is a pet, an owner, or a staff member in need of assistance, she will always jump right in to provide help!

Outside of Lawndale, Tammy enjoys singing in the choir with her church, being outdoors and hiking, traveling (especially to the beach!) and spending time with her husband Tony and her daughter Heather. Congratulations on a job well done Tammy!

April Recipient: Denina Valletta

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Length of Service: 1 year

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: Meeting the pets and the owners

Pets: 4 year old Maine Coon Mixes, Tzar and Bella, who are brother and sister.

Hobbies: Playing soccer and exercising

Lawndale Veterinary Hospital congratulates Denina Valletta for being our April Customer Service Award winner. Denina is originally from Greensboro, and she is currently a Junior at Page High School. In 2016, Denina was volunteering as a Junior Curator at the Greensboro Science Center when she decided to apply for a position with Lawndale. After hiring Denina last year, we quickly realized we had found a great addition for our team! Denina’s kindness and compassion shine through in all of her work at the clinic. It’s no surprise that one of her favorite things about being at Lawndale is getting to meet and love on the patients! Denina also appreciates how accepting and friendly her teammates have been towards her – she found it really easy to feel like she fits in with us.

Ever since Denina was a little girl, she has wanted to be a veterinarian. She is excited to have this opportunity working at Lawndale to gain first hand experience working in a veterinary clinic. She enjoys working with small animals, and she hopes to specialize in dermatology in veterinary school. We think she does a fantastic job both caring for our patients and interacting with our pet owners!

Denina has brother and sister Maine Coon Mixes – Tzar and Bella. When she’s not attending school, doing homework, or working, she likes to play soccer and exercise. Thanks for doing such an amazing job with customer service at Lawndale Denina!

March Recipient: Robin Gilbert

Team Role: Technical Staff

Length of Service: 7 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: Working with the animals and her teammates.

Pets: Tiberius (pictured), a 2 year-old Walker Coonhound, and Romeo, a 17 year-old Toy Rat Terrier

Hobbies: Volunteering at the Greensboro Science Center; Taking Tiberius out to dog parks

For March, Lawndale Veterinary Hospital would like to recognize Robin Gilbert as the recipient of our Customer Service Award. Robin came to Lawndale in August of 2016 after moving to Greensboro from Virginia Beach. Robin began her journey in the veterinary field as a kennel attendant in 2004. From there she worked her way up to her role as a technical staff member. She even spent time working as a zookeeper at the Metro Richmond Zoo. Robin graduated from Northern Virginia Community College in May 2008 with an Associates in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. In May 2011, she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Veterinary Technology and Management.

Although she has only been with Lawndale for a short period of time, Robin has quickly shown her passion, commitment, dependability, creativity, and love for the veterinary field in all of her daily activities. Robin tells us she loves to educate clients about all aspects of pet care, and it shows every time she is with a client and their pet(s). Robin has also quickly grown to love the atmosphere at Lawndale – between having fun with the animals as well as enjoying working with her teammates, she feels right at home.

Robin has a 17 year-old Toy Rat Terrier, Romeo, and a 2 year-old Walker Coonhound, Tiberius. In her free time, Robin enjoys volunteering at the Greensboro Science Center and spending time training and taking Tiberius out to dog parks. Congratulations Robin – we think you are a fantastic addition to our Lawndale team!

February Recipient: Diamond Hunter

Team Role: Receptionist

Length of Service: ~1.5 years

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: The learning opportunities and family environment.

Pets: Parker (pictured), a 6.5 year old mixed breed

Hobbies: Relaxing with Netflix and some great snacks

This month, Lawndale Veterinary Hospital would like to recognize Diamond Hunter as our Customer Service Award winner! Diamond became a receptionist for Lawndale in September 2015. Since that time we have enjoyed her gentle demeanor and friendly personality. Diamond’s warm and welcoming smile helps our pet owners (and their pets!) feel at home when they visit the clinic, and she is always willing to find a way to help. Originally from Washington, D.C., Diamond moved to the area for her schooling. She is currently attending North Carolina A&T State University where she is studying Animal Science. She hopes to use her degree in the future through working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Diamond says she loves the learning opportunities at Lawndale. She feels like each day has been an opportunity to learn something new. Diamond also loves how Lawndale feels like a big family – whether someone is brand new or has been around for years – the team always finds ways to connect and build each other up!

In her free time (which is not much between work and school!) Diamond loves to snuggle with her dog Parker (“the love of her life”) and relax with some great snacks in front of Netflix. Thank you, Diamond, for doing such a great job with customer service at Lawndale Veterinary Hospital!

January Recipient: Beth Padron

Team Role: Kennel Manager

Length of Service: 10 months

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: It’s like having a second family.

Pets: Zoe (3 year old dachshund / terrier mix) and Sassy (10 year old domestic shorthair)

Hobbies: Family time (bowling, skating, cookouts); organizing and cleaning

Congratulations to Beth Padron, our Customer Service Award recipient for January 2017! Beth was a previous kennel attendant for Lawndale Veterinary Hospital, and she returned in March of 2016 to take on her current role as Kennel Manager.

Beth is a hard worker who is fully committed to giving our patients and boarders a positive experience whenever they are in our hospital. Her attention to detail and follow-through help ensure all kennel needs are fulfilled whenever a pet is under our care. She is also more than willing to step up and assist the rest of the staff and doctors in whatever way is needed.

Beth says that she enjoys working at Lawndale because she loves the animals – and, it shows in the way she handles and cares for all the pets. Beth also values and enjoys her time with her coworkers. She says it’s like having a second family whenever she comes to work.

Beth loves spending time with her family. Whether it’s bowling, skating or big family cookouts, you can usually find her with the family. She is also a stickler for keeping things neat and clean (another reason we love having her manage the kennel!). Congratulations Beth – Lawndale appreciates all your hard work and devotion!