Dental Cleanings – Are You On Board, Or Hesitant?


Have you heard that November is one of our two dental special months? That’s right! Lawndale Veterinary Hospital offers a dental discount twice yearly (November and February) because we believe in the importance of dental health.

If you own a dog or cat, then chances are really good that at some point in your pet’s life (or many times!), you will hear your pet’s veterinarian recommend a dental cleaning. Perhaps you have even heard that recommendation recently?

For some owners, they are probably already aware their pet’s teeth are unhealthy. Perhaps the animal’s breath has become horrendous, the teeth are discolored from plaque, or the pet is experiencing discomfort when chewing dry kibble. So when these owners hear the dental cleaning recommendation, they agree with it and then move forward with scheduling a dental cleaning for their pet.

Sometimes though, owners will shy away from this recommendation. There could be a number of reasons, some of which might include timing, financial considerations, concern about the procedure or about anesthesia, other health concerns that need to be addressed first, or even not considering the dental disease a high priority. Or, if the dental changes are mild, some owners may decide they want to try and step up their home dental care game first and see if progress can be made.

Each patient is an individual, and each case will have it’s own set of considerations to take into account. The good news is that our doctors and technical staff are always here to talk to pet owners about whatever questions and concerns they may have. And, pet owners can rest assured that whichever recommendations our doctors make are based on what is best for that individual pet.

Left unaddressed, dental disease can create pain, tooth root abscesses, gum disease, loose teeth, weight loss, behavior changes, or even infections at distant sites such as the kidneys or heart. Home dental care can help prevent problems from occurring, or it may even be effective in reversing some mild dental changes. Once dental disease passes a certain point though, the best option for getting your pet’s teeth and gums back to a healthy place is having a professional dental cleaning under anesthesia. Learn more about dental health prevention strategies and home dental care by clicking the links.

Do you have concerns about anesthesia for your pet? Then we encourage you to talk them through with our veterinarians. The doctors at Lawndale Veterinary Hospital use caution and care when assessing patients for anesthesia. We take into account things such as age, body condition, pre-existing medical conditions, labwork findings, and the health of the patient on the day of the procedure when deciding about anesthetic protocols. Monitors are also placed on the animal to keep track of internal parameters, and our doctors and technical staff are watching each patient diligently. Visit our previous blog on dental cleanings under anesthesia to learn more!

If it’s time for your pet to get those teeth cleaned, then you can take advantage of our November dental special – 20% off dental cleanings. Give us a call to schedule your pet’s dental today!

Author: Dr. C. Noureddine, DVM, MS, MS