Fantastic Feline Quirks


Fantastic Feline Quirks

Cats are truly fantastic felines. They offer soothing purrs, love, and affection. Their behaviors can infuse entertainment and bring out laughter on any ordinary day. Cat owners can experience so much joy and pleasure through the bonds they develop with their cats. Yet, anyone who has spent some time around cats will probably agree that cats can also be quite quirky and difficult to understand. As we bring our month of focusing on felines to a close, we asked our team to share some kitty quirks. Take a look – maybe you have experienced these too?

  1. Seeming to enjoy being petted, then suddenly biting without warning.
  2. Begging for more dry food when he can see the bottom of the bowl, even though there is dry food in the bowl.
  3. Becoming very affectionate and loving, and just when you think it’s all because she loves you, you realize it’s meal time.
  4. They seem to deeply believe they rule the house.
  5. Deciding the dog bed is more of a perfect fit than the snuggly, appropriately sized cat bed.
  6. Their amazing ability to walk around breakable objects without (usually) knocking them down.
  7. They have to inspect and explore any new box or bag that enters the house.
  8. How they believe the brand new expensive chair was somehow meant to be their fancy scratching post.
  9. They will find the most unusual places to hide or sleep.
  10. They think the mouse pointer on the computer screen is the new ‘mouse’ they are supposed to chase.
  11. Their tails provide unlimited built in amusement.
  12. The amazing contortionist abilities they display.
  13. They appear from nowhere to bed down in warm, clean laundry.
  14. They interrupt your reading or writing time (usually by sitting on your book) because they want attention.
  15. How they manage to get away with just about anything!

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Lawndale wishes you all a Happy New Year!

Author: Dr. C. Noureddine, DVM, MS