The staff members at Lawndale Veterinary Hospital are an amazing team! Each and every person is essential in ensuring all of our patients and pet owners receive exceptional care and service. You can meet our various team members by clicking on the links below. Also, each month we recognize a team member for exhibiting excellent customer service skills – be sure to check out their bios as well!

April 2018 Customer Service Award Winner

April Recipient: Elizabeth Vilchiz

Team Role: Kennel Attendant

Team Member Since: March 27, 2017

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: Working with her coworkers and getting to see all the pets that come to the hospital.

Pets: Keanu (1 year old DLH), Bolo (3 year old Boxer Mix)

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field: 1 year

Educational Experience: ​Elizabeth is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster program to become a veterinary technician.

What Her Teammates Say: Elizabeth is cheerful and ready to lend a hand with whatever is needed around the hospital. Elizabeth goes out of her way to make sure there is enough help for any given situation, and she will drop what she is doing whenever she is able to contribute to the needs of the team. We love how she has a big smile for everyone, an eagerness to learn, a friendly attitude, and a clever personality. She has a genuine love of animals that shines through in the way she performs her job. She always persists and goes the extra mile without any complaints!

Hobbies: Hanging out with family and friends; Going to the movies.


Congratulations Elizabeth!

March 2018 Customer Service Award Winner

March Recipient: Angie Hodges

Team Role: Technical Team Member

Team Member Since: July 2008

Favorite Thing About Lawndale: The family oriented atmosphere

Pets: Rex (7 year old German Shepherd), Bear (6 year old Poodle Mix), Tiger (18 year old cat), Rickybobby (11 year old cat), Several chickens and a Miniature Donkey

Time Spent in the Veterinary Field: 11 years

Educational Experience: ​Angie is currently in her senior year of nursing school.

What Her Teammates Say: Angie is am extremely capable and hard working member of our technical team. She has a remarkable combination of technical skill, broad knowledge of the field, and a willingness to jump in and help whenever she detects a need. She also has a great sense of humor and is able to diffuse potentially stressful situations with her calm demeanor and her quick and witty comments. An independent self-starter, she sets goals and works steadily towards them, and she takes setbacks in stride. She is determined, reliable, trustworthy, and strong. She has an incredible knack for efficiently drawing blood from animals, and she is definitely a resident cat whisperer. Angie’s compassion and care extends to all animal species…and she is even working on her nursing degree!

Hobbies: Visiting the beach, swimming at the lake, gardening


Congratulations Angie!