National Dog Day – Why Our Team Loves Dogs


This Friday, August 26th is National Dog Day a day meant to celebrate all dogs and bring awareness to the public about the number of dogs still in need of rescue. So for this week’s blog, we decided to have some team fun and share a little about our own love for dogs. Take a look!

Ashley:  I love my dog, Roxy, because she’s helped me through a lot of tough times.  A dog is the only thing in the world that will love you more than themselves.

Tammy:  They love you when you need it most.

Denina: Because they are energetic.

Dr. Crawford: My dogs are happy to see me when no one else is.

Stacy:  She’s my world and my cuddle partner.

Jenny:  I love my dogs because their feet smell like corn chips and they get in bed before me to make sure they get the best snuggle spot.

August:  Because they always join in on your excitement even when they don’t know why you’re excited.

Dr. Waterman: Their unconditional love and they make me smile.

Alice:  Because she’s my little shadow.

Angie:  They are innocent like children.

Beth: She’s so cute and brightens my day.

Julie: Because he’s cute and well behaved.

Shaina: They help you smile after a long day.

Steph: Because they don’t discriminate, they love you no matter what.

Dr. Jelovich: Because I’m the center of their world.

Diamond: Because he’s the sweetest dog ever.

Marco: Because she doesn’t talk back.

Morgan: Because they live for now.

Dr. Burnett: Because they are great snugglers.

Jessica: Because they are so loyal.

Carmen: Because I can leave my house unlocked and no one will come in (I have 3 great danes)!

Cassie: She is my best friend.  She shows me unconditional love.  Her eyes melt my heart.  All she wants to do is please me and she strives to do that every moment of every day.  I couldn’t be happier!

Dr. Noureddine: I love my dog Klausie because he is the most loving and amazing dog. He gives the best hugs and snuggles, and he makes our family feel perfectly complete (although my 3 cats disagree).