Paws & Learn: February 2020 Animal News Highlights


Here are some highlights from February 2020 Animal News Stories


Cat treated with fish skin bandages 1.27.2020 Live Well Nebraska

Arizona Humane Society confirms distemper cases 1.29.2020 AZCentral

Terriers test a lung disease therapy 2.21.2020 TuftsNow

George Church’s gene therapy for aging related diseases 2.7.2020 EndPointsNews

Lobster blood could play role in new drugs 2.19.2020 AP


Super Bowl Ad thanks Veterinary School that saved dog’s life  1.28.2020 The Washington Post

EMS Providers learn advanced skills to treat injured police K9s 1.30.2020 2FirstAlert

Dog visits veterinarians that saved his life after being shot in the heart 2.3.2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer


How Do Bats Live With So Many Viruses 1.28.2020 The New York Times

Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles Receive Care 1.28.2020 Coastal Review Online

Rescued Green Turtle poops out trash 1.28.2020 Live Science

Pet Safety:

Veterinarian warns pet owners about fake heartworm medication online 2.11.2020 2FirstAlert