Paws & Learn: January 2020 Animal News Highlights


Here are some highlights from January 2020 Animal News Stories

Several of the news stories we have shared below are about the devastating wildfires in Australia.  If you are looking for ways to help click here


Veterinarians are still seeing cases of heart problems linked to grain free food 12.27.2019 NBC News

Dog eats fork 1.10.20 Click 2 Houston

Pig ears still salmonella risk 1.15.20 AVMA

Heartwarming Stories:

Veterinarian revives dog 1.2.20 The Gainesville Sun

Senior dog adopted after 2,461 days in shelter 1.6.20 ABC News


Good news for dogs with cancer 12.30.19 Scientific American

Allergic to dogs?  It may only be male dogs 1.15.20 CNN Health

Smart cat litter box 1.7.20 The Verge



Australia’s bushfires have likey devastated wildlife and the impact will only get worse 1.8.20 Scientific American

The Irwin family has saved over 90,000 animals 1.4.20 CNN

Zoo heroics save animals from Australia’s fire 1.8.20 Reuters

Dogs are saving koalas 1.9.20 ABC News

Sea turtle swims again with prosthetic flipper 1.13.20 Reuters