Paws & Learn: November 2019 Animal News Highlights


Here are some highlights from November 2019 Animal News Stories



Turtle Recovers from Spear Through It’s Neck (AP News 11/1/2019)

Mexico City’s Walking Fish (BBC 11/11/2019)

Koalas Functionally Extinct After Australia Bush Fires (Forbes 11/23/2019)

Zoonotic Disease:

Five People Exposed to Rabid Cat In South Carolina (The 11/1/2019)

Women Gets Parasitic Worm in Her Eyes After Trail Run (Live Science 11/4/2019)

New Research on How Long it Takes to Transmit Tick Borne Illnesses (Entomology Today 11/11/2019)

Weight Loss:

Cinder-block is the Reluctant Poster Cat for Pet Obesity Epidemic, Vet Says (The Washington Post 11/1/2019)



Why You Shouldn’t Yell at Your Dog (Science Alert 11/7/2019)

Woman Awarded 35,000 After She Brings Animal Shelter Kill Rate From 100 Percent to Zero Percent (KZTV 11/6/2019)

Family Unexpectedly Reunited With Lost Dog At Free Adoption Event (News4Jax 11/9/2019)

Unicorn Puppy With 2nd Tail on His Face (TODAY 11/13/2019)


Getting Cancer Drugs to the Brain is Difficult (Purdue University News 11/11/2019)


A Better Way to Convert Dog Years to Human Years (Science Mag 11/15/2019)

Pet Safety:

How to Keep Your Pet Safe in Cold Temperatures (USA Today 11/11/2019)

Six Thanksgiving Foods That Are Bad For Your Pet (WAFB9 11/20/2019)

Canine Upper Respiratory Infectious Disease (WFMYNews2 11/18/2019)