Paws & Learn: October 2019 Animal News Highlights


Here are some highlights from October 2019 Animal News Stories:

Senior Care


Keeping an Older Dog Vibrant (NY Times 10/1/2019)


Cornell Veterinarians Save Turtle Eggs ( 10/15/2019)

How a Veterinarian Would Treat Dinosaur Injuries (NY Times 10/4/2019)

Veterinary Students Perform General Wellness on Bears, Otters, and Other Wild Beasts (Illinois News Bureau 9/30/2019)

Panther Euthanized in Florida After Displaying Strange Neurological Symptoms (Miami Herald 10/23/2019)

Pet Safety


CDC Says Salmonella Outbreak is Caused by Pet Turtles (News Desk 10/11/2019)

Maine Officials Warn of High Levels of Tickborne Diseases (Maine Public 10/4/2019)

Alternative Diet Trends Can Be Dangerous For Your Pet (Ohio State News 10/7/2019)

Protecting Your Pets from a Halloween Scare (Courier Journal 10/24/2019)

News around the globe

Elephants Die Trying to Save Calf That Fell Into Waterfall (The Washington Post 10/8/2019)

Canadian Veterinarian Helps Spay and Neuter Dogs and Cats on Galapagos Islands (CBC 10/20/2019)

Heartwarming Stories

Dog Lost in Florida More Than 12 Years Ago is Found (CBC Pittsburgh 10/11/2019)

Dog Found Trapped Under Debris Weeks After Hurricane Dorian (WMBF News 10/7/2019)

Unwanted Puppy Adopted by Cat (Stamford Advocate 10/15/2019)

Zoo News

Memphis Zoo Baby Jaguars Are Born (Commercial Appeal 10/10/2019)

El Paso Zoo Elephant Has Fourth Successful Cancer Treatment (El Paso Herald-Post 10/21/2019)


Pet Care

The Growing Debate Over Spaying and Neutering Dogs (The Washington Post 10/11/2019)

DNA Testing for Dogs (The Boston Globe 10/12/2019)

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