Have You Considered?

  • Pet insurance offers many helpful benefits.
  • Pet insurance is different from human insurance. There are no insurance networks, and claims can be smooth and easy.
  • Pet insurance plans that cover urgent or emergency events can help you feel prepared for the unexpected.
  • Pet insurance plans that offer routine wellness care options help owners to budget for annual exams and preventive care.
  • There are many pet insurance companies and plans – you have a choice!

Which Pet Insurance Company Should I Choose?

  • Pet insurance companies differ in the types and levels of coverage offered. For example, some may offer coverage for unexpected events only, where as others may have a wellness plan built into the options. Whether your goal with pet insurance is to plan for the expected, the unexpected, or both, there is likely a plan that can suit your needs.
  • When researching pet insurance options, consider: cost, value, coverage (e.g. is there a pre-existing condition clause?), reimbursement, and company reputation.
  • Here are some examples (in no specific priority order). We encourage you to explore the plans to find one that will best suit your needs.

Pet Insurance Company Examples

Healthy Paws



Pets Best







Pet First


~Author: Dr. C. Noureddine, DVM, MS