Have You Considered?

  • Pet insurance offers many helpful benefits.
  • Pet insurance is different from human insurance. There are no insurance networks, and claims can be smooth and easy.
  • Pet insurance plans that cover urgent or emergency events can help you feel prepared for the unexpected.
  • Pet insurance plans that offer routine wellness care options help owners to budget for annual exams and preventive care.
  • There are many pet insurance companies and plans – you have a choice!

Which Pet Insurance Company Should I Choose?

  • Pet insurance companies differ in the types and levels of coverage offered. For example, some may offer coverage for unexpected events only, where as others may have a wellness plan built into the options. Whether your goal with pet insurance is to plan for the expected, the unexpected, or both, there is likely a plan that can suit your needs.
  • When researching pet insurance options, consider: cost, value, coverage (e.g. is there a pre-existing condition clause?), reimbursement, and company reputation.
  • Here are some examples (in no specific priority order). We encourage you to explore the plans to find one that will best suit your needs.
  • Find and compare the top pet insurance companies here


Pet Insurance Company Examples

Healthy Paws



Pets Best









~Author: Dr. C. Noureddine, DVM, MS