Lawndale Veterinary Hospital is partnering with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to help pets lose weight so they can be healthier and feel even better. If your dog or cat needs to lose weight, you should talk with us today about our weight loss incentive program.

Weight Loss Incentive Plan Overview:

  • Identify an overweight dog or cat
  • Lawndale Veterinary Hospital veterinarian selects appropriate Metabolic weight loss diet (Metabolic, Metabolic Plus Urinary Feline, or Metabolic Plus Mobility Canine)
  • Lawndale Veterinary Hospital establishes target weight and feeding plan
  • Pet receives free starter bag of food
  • Owner brings pet in for monthly weight checks
  • With each weight check, pet gets a free toy from our toy bin and owner gets a food coupon
  • When pet reaches target weight, pet receives a free bag of food! The hope is that the pet can reach the target weight within 6 months.

Check out these informational videos for more information on the diets:

~Author: Dr. C. Noureddine