December Pet: Tito Smith

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 20 years old

Why We Love Tito: Tito is so sweet and always let us give him his fluids when he is here. He is so handsome and we love his visits with us.

November Pet: Lucy Cox (In Memory)

Breed: English Bulldog

Age: 2011-2021

Why We Loved Lucy: Lucy was always so sweet and loved getting pets and belly rubs. She left paw prints on our hearts and we’ll never forget her.

October Pet: Beenie Mercado

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 16.5 years

Why We Love Beenie: Beenie is so sweet and likes to give us hugs while we are administrating his fluids each week. We all love Beenie!

September Pet: Lucy Sinnott

Breed: Pomeranian Mix

Age: 14 years

Why We Love Lucy: Lucy is a brave girl who always wags her tail when she sees us. We love her.

August Pet: Midi Hurd

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Age: 11.5 years

Why We Love Midi: Midi has endured over 20 rounds of chemotherapy and is now in remission! She has been so brave through it all.  We love Midi!

July Pet: Puddin’ Murphy

Breed: Mixed Breed

Age: 7.5 years

Why We Love Puddin’: Puddin’ is such a trooper! She was recently sick and she handled all of her veterinary visits like a champ. We are all glad she is better!  We love her!

June Pet: Rosalie Hochrein

Breed: Standard Poodle

Age: 11.5 years

Why We Love Rosalie: Rosalie is such a good and cooperative patient and is so beautiful.  We love Rosalie!

May Pet: Millie Fields

Breed: King Charles Cavalier

Age: 2 years

Why We Love Millie: Millie is such a sweetheart and a wonderful patient. She has wonderful parents that take such good care of her. We love having Millie as a patient.

April Pet: Goldie Draper

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 1 year

Why We Love Goldie: Goldie has stolen our hearts.  She is so sweet and has been so brave with her surgery to repair her broken front legs.

March Pet: Sarah Barwick

Breed: Bullmastiff

Age: 7.5 years

Why We Love Sarah: Sarah is such a gentle giant.  She loves to board with us and when she is here she is such a snuggly, sweet girl.  We all love having her here with us.

February Pet: Fiev (short for Fievel) Vanstory

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 2.5 years

Why We Love Fiev: Fiev (pronounced FIVE) is such a good boy.  No matter what we have to do to him here, he still shows us love and wants love from us.  He is the perfect patient and he has cute crooked bottom teeth.  We love him!

January Pet: Buckley Bailey

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 17 years

Why We Love Buckley: Buckley has to come see us several times a week and is so brave.  We know she doesn’t like it very much and she isn’t afraid to let us know but we love Buckley just the way she is.