Have you ever noticed that when you take a moment to express gratitude, you can impact yourself as well as others in a positive way? Reflecting on things we appreciate and value can lift our spirits, and verbalizing our thankfulness to those around us can put a smile on their faces. And of course, showing our pets we are thankful for them through love and affection can make their days too!

Each day in our clinic is different and every situation is unique. But we find that in the midst of calm or chaos, joy or difficulty, the things for which we are thankful can lift us up. So for this week’s blog, we thought we would share some of the reasons we are thankful – as a clinic, and as individuals.

At Lawndale Veterinary Hospital, we are all thankful for so many things:

  • You, our pet owners, who care so deeply for your pets.
  • Our patients, who bring joy, delight and happiness into this world.
  • Our entire team that works enthusiastically and compassionately to provide our patients with amazing care and our pet owners with fantastic service.

Here are some of the things are team members shared individually:

“I’m very thankful for my sweet husband and our little fur baby family, but I’m also thankful for the awesome opportunities I have to learn about veterinary medicine here at LVH.” – Morgan

“I am thankful for opportunities to show compassion and care to every pet that comes to the clinic, and for all the ways LVH is working to support our pet owners. I am so appreciative of the fantastic team that I am a part of – because they make our hospital shine!” – Dr. Noureddine

“I am grateful every time I turn the ignition that my car starts! (And continues running)” – Jenny

“I’m thankful for goat cheese and Goldens!” – Julie

“I am thankful for my support system whether at work or home life, some days I couldn’t make it without their positivity to pull me through” – Cassie

“We are thankful for our clinic that we call home, extra treats, empty chairs to sleep in, and the constant snuggles and love from the staff.” – Mr. Peepers and Salem, LVH Clinic Cats

“I am thankful for my passionate, dedicated coworkers that make our hospital outstanding. I am thankful for our clients who treat their pets as family and allow us to provide them with the very best care. I am most grateful for my family – they are irreplaceable.” – Dr. Burnett

“I am thankful for my family – My husband, Tom. My son, Cash. My fur babies, Hank and Willie!” – Chelsea

“I am thankful for my team members and all of the clients at Lawndale Veterinary Hospital.” – Dan

“I am thankful for Lil’s sweet hugs.” – Alice

I am thankful to be Grandpa Doc.” – Dr. Crawford

Author: Dr. C. Noureddine, DVM, MS