Trip to Hill’s Pet Nutrition


I just returned last night from an amazing trip to Kansas. I went there to learn about Hill’s Pet Nutrition, but I came back with much more than just nutritional knowledge. I was so inspired and impressed with my experience that I want to share what I learned with our pet owners!

On Wednesday we toured one of Hill’s pet food manufacturing sites in Emporia, Kansas. The company’s high level of quality control was obvious throughout the tour. With a heavy focus on preventing problems before they even occur, they also have strict measures in place for monitoring for potential contamination or complications in the manufacturing process. I certainly left that facility feeling very confident in the safety and quality of the Science Diet that I feed my own pets.

From there, we traveled to the research facility in Topeka where the research animals are housed. Let me just say this – those dogs and cats have the life! From awesome animal care technicians to impressive housing facilities to daily enrichment and care routines, I had no doubt these animals live incredibly fulfilling lives. The dogs have a whole playground that would make most elementary schools jealous. The cats have enriching tunnels, catwalks, shelves, boxes and large sunrooms to relax in. It was so exciting and inspiring just to watch the animals go through their daily routines.

Of course we also spent some time talking about the science behind the Hill’s diets. This company is always innovating, researching, and seeking to understand what our pets need nutritionally. They don’t just approach the nutrition from the aspect of what nutrients need to go in the food. They also think about things like nutrient quality, nutrient sources, palatability, and even how the nutrition will impact the genetic expression of the animal (that’s some really cool stuff by the way!).

Impressively, I learned that Hill’s employs about 150 veterinarians worldwide. I love that because it reflects this company is committed to making products with veterinary input and support. Hill’s is one of only a handful of pet food companies that actually has Veterinary Nutritionists on staff as well.

When I put all the information together that I saw and learned, I feel really really good about recommending Science Diet to my patients. Additionally, it makes me question even more the pet food brands that don’t have this level of attention, quality, veterinary input and research behind their products.

If I had to sum it all up I would say this: Hill’s is a company completely committed to improving and lengthening the lives of our pets. They are passionate, committed, genuine, caring, innovative, forward-thinking, and supportive of the veterinary community…and I believe feeding Hill’s foods can help our pets live longer and stay healthier across the board!

Author: Dr. C. Noureddine, DVM, MS

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