We Appreciate Our Bosses


National Boss’s Day was celebrated on Monday, October 16. This day provides an opportunity for employees to show thankfulness and appreciation to their bosses. The Lawndale Veterinary Hospital team wanted to take this opportunity to recognize our amazing bosses, Dr. Crawford and Dr. Waterman. Time and again, our team members say that one of their favorite things about working at Lawndale is the family atmosphere. Dr. Crawford and Dr. Waterman make that family atmosphere possible with their kind hearts, ability to make everyone feel included, and willingness to communicate with the staff (when things are easy or tough). The staff admires Dr. Crawford’s and Dr. Waterman’s sincere desire to help others, as we routinely see them go out of their way to meet the needs of others.

Lawndale Veterinary Hospital’s mission is that we are committed to building lifelong partnerships with pets and owners by focusing on the highest quality veterinary medicine, compassion, education, and prevention. Dr. Crawford and Dr. Waterman are committed to making this mission a reality, and they realize that developing, encouraging, and empowering their staff is what helps us to fulfill our mission. In turn, they have created a team that not only works towards the same goals, but also loves and enjoys their work environment!

Our team is so thankful for Dr. Crawford and Dr. Waterman. Here are some team members’ messages that were shared in our staff meeting yesterday:

  • I thank you both for everything you do for everyone here at LVH. You both are very good people and I love everything about y’all!
  • I appreciate Dr. Waterman and Dr. Crawford because they are always nice, on top of things, and they were kind enough to give me a job.
  • Thanks for making work feel like a family!
  • You make doing NOTHING one of the toughest jobs in the world!
  • Happy Boss’s Day! You’re so awesome you’re boss-some!
  • Thanks for all y’all do! You guys are the best!
  • Y’all make working in the vet field an enjoyable experience. I appreciate everything you do for us. We couldn’t ask for better bosses.
  • Thanks! You’re the best.
  • I appreciate Dr. Waterman because she’s really kind. She will bring the kennel breakfast on Sunday morning! I appreciate Dr. Crawford because he is very helpful. He answers all the questions that I have.
  • Thank you for all that you do – having you two for a boss is great!
  • I appreciate y’all “bossing” me around!
  • I appreciate Dr. Crawford and Dr. Waterman because they make working fun, enjoyable, and I have learned a lot from them. They care for their employees!! Thanks for everything!!

Thanks for being such wonderful bosses!

Author: The Lawndale Veterinary Hospital Family