What’s In Your Pet’s First Aid Kit?


What’s In Your Pet’s First Aid Kit?

Pets are curious, and we all know that accidents can happen. So go ahead and commit to preparing for the unexpected by building a first aid kit for your pet(s). Maybe you will never need it. But if you do, you will find some calmness and peace in knowing that you are prepared!

Start with this list of basics, and then add on anything else that might suit your individual pet’s needs.

  • Your pet’s regular veterinarian contact information (Clinic name, Phone, Address)
  • Emergency clinic contact information
  • Poison Control Numbers: ASPCA Animal Poison Control and Pet Poison Helpline
  • Slip leash
  • Flashlight
  • Digital thermometer
  • Muzzle (painful animals can bite!)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Absorbent gauze
  • Bandaging tape / wrap
  • Blunt tip scissors
  • Tweezers / magnifying glass
  • Ice pack
  • Styptic powder
  • Saline eye flush
  • Large syringe or turkey baster (for wound flushing)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (3%) (This can be used to induce vomiting in dogs; however you should never administer without first consulting a veterinarian or poison control center.)
  • Clean towels
  • Other items specific to your pet’s medical conditions (e.g. back up medication supplies; Karo syrup for diabetics who have hypoglycemic crisis; etc.)

April is the American Red Cross’ Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Read more about Pet Emergency and First Aid in our Paws to Protect section here.

Author: Dr. C. Noureddine, DVM, MS