You are Your Pet’s Best Advocate for Wellness


For January, we are focusing on the overarching importance of wellness and preventive care for your pets. Today, we’d like to delve into this topic by helping you, our pet owners, understand how big of a role you play in advocating for your pets and keeping them up-to-date.

By now you may feel very comfortable with the “basics” of wellness care (wellness exams, heartworm / tick-borne disease testing and prevention, intestinal parasite testing and prevention, flea protection, screening labwork, vaccinations, etc). However, if you are new to being a pet owner, or would like a more in-depth review, be sure to check out our wellness exam information in our ‘Paws to Protect’ section of our website. For every pet owner, it’s so important to remember that while we recommend these things as important components to your pet’s well being, it’s ultimately up to you to put them into action.

Just this month, an unfortunate story came out in the news about 3 pet dogs exposed to a rabid raccoon in Georgia, and the dogs were not vaccinated against rabies. Now the owner faces the difficult decision of either having the dogs quarantined for 6 months, or having to euthanize the dogs (Read the news story). It is our hope that our pet owners will never find themselves in a situation such as this.

Routine wellness care is not the only way you contribute to keeping your pets feeling their best. Your observations at home regarding your pet’s normal behavior, routine and habits are also essential in helping us make the most comprehensive and thorough recommendations we can regarding your pet’s health. Be sure to let us know if you have noticed any subtle changes in your pet. Are they starting to have accidents in the house? Has their behavior changed? Is their appetite different? Is it more difficult or time consuming for them to get up and down or climb stairs?

Of course, on our end we are continually striving to find ways to provide you with the information you need in convenient and accessible formats. We want to make sure you understand the health plans created for your pets, so always feel free to ask questions if you are not sure about something or want additional details! And don’t forget, our entire ‘Paws to Protect’ section is devoted to giving you information about wellness and prevention. So spend some time exploring our website, and give us a call if it’s time for your pet to have a wellness exam!

Author: Dr. C. Noureddine, DVM, MS